In 1956, the old neighbourhood of Ghale Tabare( Tabbarrouk), one of the innumerable old neighbourhoods of half of the world, Isfahan, had the honour to be the birthplace of an artist who has been able to revivify a part of the missing and taken into oblivion ancient history of Persia (Iran) and it is while the artist had never benefited from any help, training, and even a brief manuscript or a book narrating the features he had shown in his works and applied for them; in other words, Majid Khalilian, the artist all the above mentioned and all the following are about him, has been able to create his artistic works just by benefiting from his creative inspiration and brilliant talent which is like an unspoiled spring for having no master.
A brief look, even a non-expert one, will involuntarily connect the viewers mind to the ancient time in the past of Persia which its glory is still proverbial in the world.
The self-taught artist has spent his childhood playing with clay by Cheshme Bagherkhan (Bagherkhan spring) in his birthplace and it was just playing with clay that caused sculpture flows from his mind like flowing springs.
His creative and dynamic mind not only has been inspiring to him and his hands for creating sculptures that each of them is like a narrator narrating the missing thousand-year history of Persia, but also has helped him to create valuable works in the field of painting ( Fauvism style) and music.
He created his first artistic work in 1983 and from that time on, his hands have been a rider riding on the back of the wild horse of his enthusiastic mind in the hidden past of the art and history of the Persian in the ancient time especially the time of Achaemenians to be the creator of the artistic works such as mythical creatures, horned lion, the Suns torso, gazelles, mythical winged bulls and horses, fat-burning lights, goblets, the gods sculptures, sculptures of the good and the bad, and many others that none of them has been created by any other artists in the world.
Majid Khalilian may be likened to a poet whose works have the elements all other poets benefit from them in their works, although no other poets has mixed these elements in the way he has done to create work of heart.
The indefatigable wild horse of his mind is still galloping in the broad geography of the thousand-year history of Persia and at the end of each journey which is the morning of each night his hands are full of souvenirs he himself has created during those nights that the people of his land were deep in sleep and now that they look at them conceive that they have travelled thousands of years back and are watching their missing ancient history with their proper eyes.



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