Exhibition of the Islamic countries summit, the Silk Road, Tehran, 199
Pasargad gallery of Tehran, 1997-1999
Sharje exhibition, Dubai, 2000
Austria exhibition, Vienna, Austria, 1999
Zenderoud gallery of Isfahan, 2005
Visual arts exhibition of the university of Technology, 2000
Eshragh gallery of Tehran, 1996
The Exhibition of contemporary artists( Moaser Museum), Isfahan, 1997
Individual exhibition of Moaser Museum, Isfahan, 2002
Khikhen exhibition of Spain, 1997
The exhibition of Holland, 1998
The exhibition of the civilisations dialogue, Gheshm, 1999
The exhibition of Niavaran house of culture, 1999
The exhibition of Chehelsotoun garden, 2000
Kousar gallery of Isfahan(sales department)